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That was brilliant!!!

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OrangeClock responds:

oh stop i'm blushing


I hate people like that! When she walked on I was like "aww, fuck, i don't want a character like that in the cartoon" then i remembered she was standing next to a cliff :) well done!

Mek1985 responds:

the bitch got boofed, hoe


that like, wasn't gross at all. You pussy little kids who keep going "ewww, thats yucky" should all shut the fuck up and die. Good job, pretty funny.


I love Tarawa, its like the best song ever!


I reckonise some of ur shit from that thing "the woman machine" u made, like the lady and the terrodactle. Saw that like 3 years ago. Oh well, that was an interesting flash.

Ranxx responds:

Holy cats. I can't believe you noticed that. You are one perceptive donkey. I used the dinosaur, 3d girl, the running girl and the girl in the city all from the Woman Machine project. I suppose I should release that stupid thing. It's kinda whack but I did work on it for a long time. Anyway I'm impressed with your memory and thanks for the review.


I liked some of your other things because they always let you interact with everything that happens, but this one dosn't. They talk for like half an hour at the start and make like 5 decisions without you getting to say a thing, then you choose one option, and they talk for another half an hour! Too much cinematics, not enough option, well, atleast not enough options in the first hour.


I was just playing Halo 2 (special edition, metal case with bonus DVD :D:D ) and I stopped after about 12 hours to have a short break from it and watch some flash, and then i watched this :P funny as hell, nice and accurate land scapes too, plus you have all the music i love, Lacrimosa from spiedrman 2, the theme from starship troopers and the elevator music from conkers bad furday played during the pie one. you guys are cemmedic, graphical and musical geniouses. now, im gonna go play some more halo 2. cya :D


you fucking ass raping donkey liking dick fucking cock raping ass mother fucking luke fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........fuck your mum you loser

Nickoteen responds:

Is there even an intellegent thought behind this?


was alright.. but i hope its the last emotional robot flash we see on the front page for a while...


I'm bored, and I was just about to go back and watch number 1, then I saw this. THIS IS SO FUCKING GAY. I think your voice is retarded and the format is steriotypical. I'm Australian, I don't care who wins, so I'm nuetral here, and I'm saying this is crap, you are gay, and I hate you for ever making this crap. Fuck you, mate.

DeathRayGraphics responds:

Ha! It takes more than tossing in the word "mate" to make you Australian, you poseur! Your name is Cletus and you work at a Popeye's on Rt 9.

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