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I figured it out. A bunch of boxes fell into a river and became a super water-box man. He then traveled to black-and-white scetch land, where he met the I-Madness-Robot, A cross between the robot from I robot and one of those guys from madness. They became friends. The madness guy used his super x-men powers to make a fire, and the water-box-man used his water-god powers to make a bowl of water. They talked inaudibly through the night, each pretending to know what the other was saying. He then opened a portal to the water-world, not unlike that in the movie, Water World, where he gets ready for his next adventure, *water world theme plays* So theres my amazing analysis, just like you asked.

fathamburger responds:

That was quite an entertaining read.

Nice job,

But I must point out a few inacuracies :P The Halo 1 fragmentation grenade is smoothe, like an egg, it dosn't have bumps on it. The one in Halo 2 does, but it's green. Elites don't use plasma pistols, they use plasma rifles or needlers. The needler isn't that color. Flood spores explode into yellow mist, they don't have red blood :P Plus the SMGs, which I'm assuming are based on the SMGs from halo 2, are brown, and look entirely different. The covenant wouldn't have a sign writen in english, their symbols look like circles and lines, and Covenant flying units are called Banshees. And last but not least, the master chief is green. But, since you've played the game, I'm asuming you already knew all of this and were just too lazy to change it. So, Kudos on a nice job.

My God...

When I saw Kermit Kombat on the front page.. God, it was like losing everything you've ever loved, then having it all bought back at once. By Santa. With ice-cream :D KK is one of my most favourite series, I've been waiting YEARS (If it's been that long) for this to come out. Thank you SO MUCH. Now to go watch it :)

Complete obvious lack of skill

No show of talent at all, just that you're manipulative of peoples feelings. That you would use the disaster to get a flash past judgment because you can't do it through plain effort is just sad.

RedNaw responds:

actually im making 2 flash movies at the same time, and ive already made some. this was just a short movie to get people to donate.


It's so releiving to see a terd of the week that isn't about hentai! Every single week, "super hentai girls" "asian anime sluts" "mega manga porn" but finaly something decent! Very nice job, this was pretty damn good. Can't wait for what's next :D


Pretty cool, could've used more snazzy patterns n' stuff but, was interesting enough.

PureCarnage responds:

Yeah, but that was a lot of work just to get that done, if I pulled off what my true vision was for this, it would be years before it was completed.

Glad you enjoyed.


Now this is quality work. Very nicely done. Smooth animation with matching sound effects, with basic yet enjoyable graphics, with crude yet nice humour. Keep up the excellent work :)

SergeantLedge responds:

Thanks man... this submission seems to be a love hate thing. I'm getting a combination of "CRAP!" and "EXCELLENT!"


Yeh, had a few funny bits. But I don't really think it was worth 7mbs, unless I'm stupid and the thing said 700kb and my internets just shit slow :P any way, nice job on such a successful series :)


Took me like 10 minutes before I realised it was just looping :P good job, nice graphics,


I hate old people. I mean, I REALLY hate old people. They are useless, they complain, they screw up the economy and they think everything is too fast and too loud. They should all be isolated. This flash was a bit creepy, but the style and graphics were pretty good. keep it up.

Please, if you have an Anime pick as so many of you new grounders do, please change it before adding me to your instant messenger.

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