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This episode was really sinister,

him trying to kill the guy he's been with all day.. I loved it. The traditional gory style was soo refreshing... And another salad inclusion! The first movie I saw of yours was about salad :) Great job..


A real PUNCH IN THE BALLS from halo 2, which noone seems to touch on, since it's not interesting :P, is the fact that the makers don't even seem to know what the hell the story's about. You know how nerds like to point out mistakes made after an entire series of startrek? Bungie managed to make more of them with one sequel. The real 'sequel' to halo was the novel 'first strike' and if you ever read it, which you probably wont, you'll want to shoot bungie for massacaring the plot. Just wanted to say that, the flash was great to, comedy wasn't VERY original but entertaining none the less. Excellent work.


Have you played runescape? Not that anyone should think less of you for not, but.. The only thing runescape about that was the swords... Peril and Heretic, Hero were nice, but I don't know why they were in there... I get the story line and all, but I don't really get the movie...

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Yay, now I can piss off my friends, just like I could with 1337 speak. Nice Going.

Well, let's see,

"Overall" is not necessarily an average... Overall, I see, is how you feel after the game is done.. Now, how does a game with everything just about perfect, manage to squeeze a feeling out of me that would result in my overall being a "0"? Who'dve thought it would be such a very little thing? How about fucking up the controls you stupid son of a bitch! WASD. The arrangement of keys made specifically to make typing difficult for type writers typing too quickly during the early 1900s. Using it for "control" I suppose it mildly appropriate if the ARROW KEYS, the keys DESIGNED for direction, happen to be too close to other keys, but when it would take no extra effort, and I know it wouldn't as I have a friend who works with scripting, to simply apply it to the arrows and your WASD for whatever reason you wanted to do it in the first place, you're just screwing up a great freakin' game. Good job (sarcastic and unsarcastic)

io3creations responds:

Well, let's see... you're really funny.

If you have looked before you spoke you would've noticed that you can change the keys. Second, as many people pointed out, WASD keys are used in a lot of shooting games both computer (e.g. Battlefield) and web games (e.g. Heli Attack) as the default movement keys. So there you have it. Have a nice day :)


I enjoyed the instruction menu more than the game..

TrueDarkness responds:

Thats pretty ironic because the instruction menu is all about the game so I suggest you recap your thoughts and put them together before you write a logical review.

Please, if you have an Anime pick as so many of you new grounders do, please change it before adding me to your instant messenger.

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